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hair growth misconceptions

4 Common Misconceptions about Hair Growth

Having a full head of hair is a source of confidence for most people, so seeing a bathroom covered with loose strands of hair can be terrifying, to say the least. When that happens, most people look for solutions online, hoping to find remedies that will stop the hair thinning process as soon as possible.

There is a wealth of information available on the subject of hair regrowth. Many articles discuss specialized treatments, natural remedies, and promise quick results. But, how accurate are these articles?

To dispel some of the confusion, we’ve gathered four of the biggest misconceptions about hair regrowth.

1. Once You Start Treatment, You’ll Have a Full Head of Hair in Just a Few Weeks

Don’t believe products that promise you’ll grow a full head of hair in ten days.

Healthy hair grows at a rate of six inches per year, but when it comes to thinning hair, the process takes a bit longer. That’s because the hair follicles aren’t as strong as they used to be and can’t grow as fast as healthy follicles.

That’s not to say hair regrowth treatment doesn’t work. Just don’t expect to see results in the first few weeks or so. In fact, it takes between four to six months to see any significant results with most hair loss treatments.

2. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Back Thicker

hair cutOne of the most common misconceptions people believe about hair regrowth is that if they cut or shave their hair, they will grow thicker and longer. This myth comes from the fact that hair strands are thicker at the base than they are at the tips. So, when you cut your hair and trim the thin ends, you might have the impression that your hair looks thicker than it is. In reality, cutting your hair doesn’t impact regrowth in any way.

3. Treatment Will Help You Regrow All of Your Hair Back

For hair loss treatment to work, the follicles need to be active. If you’re completely bald, it usually means that the follicles are dormant and can no longer produce hair. Your only solution in this situation is hair transplant. But, if you begin treatment in the early stages of hair loss, your chances of stopping and reversing the process are pretty good.

4. It’s All Just Marketing and No Product Works in Reality

hair productsIt’s important to have realistic expectations about how fast and how well a hair loss treatment can work. Don’t give up on treatment just because you don’t see any results instantly. As we’ve mentioned already, it takes time for most treatments to work, so you need to be patient.  Do your due diligence and look for products that suit your needs and the severity of your hair loss problem. Don’t be afraid to try different products at the same time to see which one can deliver the best results. Most importantly, don’t wait around for your hair to fall. Talk with a dermatologist and get treatment from the early stages of thinning hair or hair loss. The earlier you begin the treatment, the better the chances you have to regrow your hair.

Hair regrowth begins with the right treatment and a good understanding of what to expect. Hopefully, this article helped dispelled some of the most common misconceptions regarding hair regeneration and eliminated some of your fears.

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