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Citrus for hair loss

5 Foods You Should Eat to Prevent Hair Loss

It’s not a secret anymore that what you eat makes a massive difference in the way you look and feel. A healthy diet combats stress, gives you energy, maintains your weight, and can help you move through the different stages of life.

The effects of a balanced diet on hair, on the other hand, have rarely been explored. And, that’s a shame because the food you eat has a great impact on hair strength, growth, and health.

That said, fill your plate with the following
nutrient-rich foods to prevent your hair from falling out.

1. Salmon

Protein is a highly important nutrient that acts as the key ingredient of every tissue in our body, including hair. Not only that protein keeps the hair strong and healthy, but it also plays a vital role in the production of new strands. A lack of this essential nutrient can lead to dry and brittle hair, as well as hair loss.

Although there are plenty of foods rich in protein, such as chicken, beans, or eggs that could work wonder for any hair type, salmon is a particularly good choice. Its omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins together with its rich protein content have been shown to improve hair health in women.

Nuts and Seedsnuts and seeds for hair loss

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, fatty acids could be the answer to hair loss. The participants of the experiment received Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for six months. The results were surprising, to say the least. After only six months, more than 90% ofthe participants reported a reduction in hair loss while 86% of them claimed that they’d noticed a significant improvement in hair growth.

If you want to achieve similar results, you should include nuts and seeds into your diet, such as walnuts, sesame, and sunflower seeds.

3. Spinach

Women that suffer from iron deficiencies, such as anemia, are more prone to hair loss, say the researchers at the Seoul National University College of Medicine. That’s because iron is an essential mineral that plays several important roles in our bodies, including strengthening the hair.

If you want to reverse the effects of iron deficiencies on your hair (and body), include spinach in your diet. Not only that spinach is rich in this nutritious mineral, but its high vitamin C content actually accelerates the iron absorption.

Citrus FruitsCitrus for hair loss

When it comes to skin care, vitamin C is already an established ingredient in the beauty world. But, it plays an equally important role for your hair health.

Vitamin C can boost the production of collagen, a structural protein that is essential for hair strength and growth. A lack of collagen could lead to dry hair, breakage, split ends, and eventually hair loss.

5. Oysters

When researchers from Egypt compared the zinc levels of people suffering from alopecia to those with healthy strands, they found that the former had significantly lower zinc levels.

Although they are best known for their aphrodisiac properties, oysters are packed with zinc and can promote hair growth and keep the oil glands working properly. According to one study, oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food.

Using the right hair products and getting specialized treatment is important for preventing hair loss. But, don’t underestimate the power the foods on your plate have on keeping your locks healthy, strong, and simply gorgeous.

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