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Summer hair tips

7 Hair Saving Tips for Summer

Summer hair tips

As you bid your last goodbyes to another winter, it’s time to start thinking about your summer time look. When it comes to your hair, a loose and natural look is always fresh on warm days. There are a number of elements – heat, sun, humidity – that try to work against your want for the perfect summer hair, but with these tips you should have no problems in keeping it shiny, bouncy and manageable.

Wear Your Hair Loose and Up – Braids and ponytails will help to keep your neck cool in the summer and minimize exposure to the sun, but you want them to be slightly loose. Too tight and you are risking damage and hair loss from the pulling on the strands.

Save on Shampoo – Washing your hair daily strips your hair of its natural oils, then creating a vicious cycle of over production of those oils, causing you to want to shampoo it again. If you spend a day at the beach or pool, skip the shampoo and just rinse your hair. Otherwise, you should be able to go two or three days without washing your hair so long as you also stay light on the styling products.

Keep on Conditioning –

hair conditionerA mixture of apple cider vinegar and water makes for a great natural conditioner in the summer that will help your hair stay shiny. Shea butter or coconut oil are also good to try, especially if you have wavy hair and want to retain pretty curls without frizz. A weekly conditioning treatment is also good medicine for your hair if you spend a lot of time in a swimming pool or at the beach.

Switch Out Your Brush – Hair brushes are terrible on wet hair, as they pull on the strands and will cause your hair to break. Start using a wide tooth comb instead, for gently untangling wind blown hair.

Give Your Hair a Spritz – Your beach bag should contain a bottle of spray on conditioner for whenever your hair needs a pick me up. You can make one of your own using avocado oil, aloe vera juice and water. This natural conditioning spray will not only restore moisture to your hair, the vitamins it contain will help to keep it healthy well into Autumn.

Swimmer’s Hair? – Typically a blonde problem, you can avoid that green tint in your hair after a swim by wetting it before diving in. Wet hair will not absorb as much chlorine as dry hair does. If you do end up with limey hair, apple cider vinegar and water will turn it back to blonde.

Keep it Covered –

woman with sunhatAs much as you may want that long lock blowing in the breeze look, you should always use a scarf or hat when you are out in the sun. This helps your scalp to retain its natural moisture and give it protection from harmful UV rays. This will also prevent that horrible tangling you get from beach wind blown hair.

You can keep your locks lovely all summer long, without too much time, money or effort. Practice these hot weather hair tricks and you’ll always be beach babe ready.

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