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Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Many people don’t realize that the vitamins and minerals consumed each day (or not consumed) are not only impacting their health, they are impacting the appearance and strength of their hair. For those who are looking to improve on this, a multi-vitamin is not always the right answer. Your diet needs to be infused with very specific vitamins and minerals that contribute directly to the health of the follicles and the hair that grows out from them.

Women who have taken pre-natal vitamins can attest to the fact that there is a huge benefit to your hair when you are complementing your diet with certain vitamins and minerals. Since this type of vitamin is designed to help ensure that a baby enters the world healthy, they are overloaded with many of the same nutrients that you want when focusing on healthy hair growth to avoid premature hair loss and other issues.

  • Iron – Women of child bearing have a particular problem with this mineral, as it is an important component of red blood cells. Iron helps to carry essential oxygen to the hair follicles, promoting new growth. Red meats, lentils, chicken, and egg yolks all contain significant amounts of iron, but if you are considering a supplement first consult with your physician to help determine how much is sufficient. It is also important to note that your body will absorb iron more effectively when it is combined with vitamin C containing foods such as lemon or orange.
  • Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin is most abundant when you are able to spend a substantial part of your day outdoors, a luxury that most of us are not privy to. Vitamin D contributes to the balance of hair follicle cycling, and can be found in whole grains, beef liver, mushrooms and salmon. If you are still not getting enough in your diet, a supplement that contains this vitamin will also help in staving off hair loss caused by a deficiency.
  • Zinc – Your body naturally loses zinc in perspiration, making this a mineral essential for people who exercise frequently. Zinc is an important component of the hair growth cycle, ensuring that the strands are resistant to breakage. Foods that are high in zinc include turkey, chocolate, lamb and pumpkin seeds if you prefer to eat your way to healthier hair rather than take an assortment of supplements.
  • B-Complex Vitamins – The range of B vitamins helps with hair loss and other problems in a number of ways. Not only are the strands stronger, but they are thicker and shinier, improving on the appearance. Eggs, avocados, whole grains and legumes are just a few of the foods that you can add to your diet to help enrich it with B-Complex Vitamins.  Biotin is also a very important B vitamin (B7).  These are usually found in the Healthy Hair and Nails supplements.  You can also find many foods rich in Biotin.Foods Rich in BiotinFoods Rich in Biotin

    7 Biotin Rich Foods For Healthier Hair

    Biotin is a part of the B vitamin family critical for forming the building blocks for bodily functions at the cellular level. This includes your hair, which is dependent on new cell growth in order to shine and bounce the way healthy locks should.

    The trouble with Biotin is that it is water soluble, making it difficult to be saved in the body long-term. This means you must make it a part of your regular diet in order for your hair to get the most benefit. Foods that are especially rich in this vitamin include:

    • Swiss Chard – Salads made with Swiss chard are extremely high in biotin and will also give your body a boost of other antioxidants important to enhancing your health. You can also go ahead and add a bite of something healthy to a burger by topping it off with a few pieces of Swiss chard for extra flavor.
    • Carrots – Not only are carrots good for eye health, their abundance of biotin makes them a great choice if you are trying to delay premature hair loss or balding.
    • Almonds – An easy and tasty way to get in a dose of Biotin is by snacking on almonds or other nuts during the day. Not only will this promote healthy hair growth, nuts are a great way to stave off food cravings for those trying to lose weight.
    • Eggs – Eggs in moderation can be a good source of biotin, but if you add too many egg whites to the diet it could inhibit hair growth. This is due to an element that could prevent the Biotin from being properly distributed.
    • Milk – A bowl of cereal with fresh milk provides your body with a dose of biotin that delays hair, and encourages bone strength. Two issues that are of great concern to men and women as they approach middle age.
    • Strawberries – There is a significant amount of biotin in fresh strawberries to help regenerate cell growth at the hair root. Use them to top off that bowl of cereal for a burst of fresh flavor.
    • Halibut –Halibut Rich in Biotin
      Try adding grilled halibut to your weekly meal plan if you want a tasty dinner entrée that also is high in biotin and other minerals. Not only is fresh fish good for your hair, it is one addition to your diet that can help you to retain your memory.

    The addition of these 7 foods can all make a significant improvement in how your hair looks and feels. Not only will it help in regenerating the cells that are responsible for growing new strands of hair, the new hair will be stronger and shinier than ever before.

Even if you are approaching the age where hair loss is natural, keeping up with its health and appearance will help to mask this. Strong strands that don’t break easily and are thick and shiny will allow you to cope with age related hair loss with grace and style.

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