Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers To Help Conceal Thinning Hair
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Spring Hair Tips

Spring Hair Care Tips

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  With winter quickly fading, it’s time to get those locks out from under those winter hats and back in prime condition! Winter can wreak havoc on your strands – subzero temps, high winds and dry conditions from heaters can do some serious damage. Time to rehab your hair and prep it for prom/wedding/spring break […]

hair growth misconceptions

4 Common Misconceptions about Hair Growth

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Having a full head of hair is a source of confidence for most people, so seeing a bathroom covered with loose strands of hair can be terrifying, to say the least. When that happens, most people look for solutions online, hoping to find remedies that will stop the hair thinning process as soon as possible. […]

essential oils to thicken hair

Emu Oil and Hair Loss

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Is the Emu Bird the Solution to Your Hair Loss Dilemma? Emu oil for hair loss has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but is this the real deal or just another fad that will soon be grounded by scientists? The Emu Bird Native to Australia, the emu is a bird that is […]

Hair Mask for Hydration

DIY Hair Mask Recipes

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2 Ingredient DIY Hair Mask Recipes That Will Restore and Rejuvenate Your Hair We’ve all heard of masks for the face. The ingredients vary depending on your skin type and need, but all serve the purpose of deep cleaning your skin and restoring nutrients so that it looks and feels better. Hair masks serve the […]

Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair

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Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair Many people don’t realize that the vitamins and minerals consumed each day (or not consumed) are not only impacting their health, they are impacting the appearance and strength of their hair. For those who are looking to improve on this, a multi-vitamin is not always the right answer. Your diet […]