Posted on February 21 2018

For women, thinning hair can be a big blow to their femininity. Although a natural part of the aging process for some, it can still come as a shock when parts of the scalp start showing through the locks. Unlike men, who are stuck with bad toupees or that dreaded fold-over, stylists have created a number of ways to help women hide their naturally thinning hair.

  • Change the Way You Part Your Hair – You have likely been parting your hair in the same spot for as long as you could hold a brush. This has led to it lying flatter when combed in that direction. If you switch it up and go from right to left instead of left to right, it will stand away from the scalp and give your hair a more voluminous look.
  • Cut it Shorter – Many women think that they can hide thinning hair by growing it out. Unless you then plan on piling it on top of your head, this strategy does not work. The longer you let your hair grow, the more likely that sections of it will separate and reveal your scalp. Cut it as short as you can bear and tell your stylist that you want interior layers. These are woven throughout the entire cut to add fullness.
  • The Blunt Bob – One short style that looks fabulous on older women, and hides thinning hair, is a blunt bob. Falling just at the jaw line, and with just a slight graduation, the hair will appear to be more voluminous than it really is.
  • Add Waves – If you can’t seem to part with your long hair, at least add some body to it with large curlers. Sleep in them over night, and in the morning you should be able to just toss your hair slightly for a full look.
  • Add Some Color – Never lighten thinning hair, as that will just cause more breakage, but highlights add depth and can make the hair and scalp blend together. Go just slightly lighter to your natural color so that your hair appears sun kissed rather than dyed. The added bonus is that dye will expand the strands slightly, making your hair appear thicker.
  • Add Some Keratin – Products like Strand Maximizer make a huge difference on thinning hair. Tiny fibers stick to the existing hair, filling in thinning spots and making it look fuller. With a range of colors available, you should have no trouble in finding one that matches your own!

For the majority of women with thinning hair, the problem can be solved by a change in diet, the types of hair products you use and the way in which you style it. In the meantime, as you wait for it to grow back, you can still rock your good looks by choosing a better way to wear your hair!

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