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essential oils to thicken hair

Emu Oil and Hair Loss

Is the Emu Bird the Solution to Your Hair Loss Dilemma?

emu oil for thicker hair

Emu oil for hair loss has become increasingly popular over the last few years, but is this the real deal or just another fad that will soon be grounded by scientists?

The Emu Bird

Native to Australia, the emu is a bird that is too large to ever take flight. This exotic creature thrives in the outback, and its meat has become a low fat alternative to beef. Resembling an ostrich, this extremely fast running bird is the second largest species known on the planet. Their feathers are typically gray and brown, and they are recognized for their bare blue skin which covers the head and neck.

The Use of Emu Oil as an Essential Oil

emu oil helps with hair loss

The oil of the emu is a by-product of its production as a meat alternative. Fat is separated, and then the oil removed in a process that eliminates all traces of organic substances and smell. As a medicinal essential oil, emu oil has been in the spotlight since as early as 1860, when it was reported that early settlers to Australia were using it to heal wounds and reduce pain. Evidence also suggests that it was being used by native aboriginal Australians as well, long before the Brits even got to the island.

Emu oil is made up of 5% natural fatty acids, and 70% of those are unsaturated and good for the heart. Those same fatty acids also contain properties which can not only prevent hair loss, but in some cases stimulate the follicles to regrow hair that has already been lost.

How Does Emu Oil Help Against Hair Loss?

Emu oil has a natural ability to penetrate the skin and unclog pores, including those of your hair follicles. This can be a big help in awakening follicles that have become dormant and encouraging them to begin producing hair again. The high amounts of fatty acids in emu oil is believed to be responsible for regrowing hair that has previously been lost. This revolutionary approach to treating hair loss and encouraging regrowth can garner results in as little as 30 days in some cases. That is a big difference from other products and treatments where you will normally need to wait months in order to see any type of positive affect on your scalp.

What to Look for in Emu Oil for Hair Loss Prevention and Regrowth

essential oils to thicken hair

If want you want is a completely natural product to help curb hair loss and regrow your hair, then you need to be careful when choosing an emu oil. Some have not been completely refined, and can still have contaminants that do not promote good health. Others may have been refined using a caustic chemical like lye, making them potentially dangerous for your hair.

So long as the product is all natural, there is no harm in trying out emu oil for yourself to see how it works at restoring your hair. As with most natural essential oils, the research is scarce, but the history of their use in older civilizations gives us good reason to believe that they are effective for healing a number of ailments, including premature hair loss.

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