Strand Maximizer Hair Fibers To Help Conceal Thinning Hair
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Hair Building Fiber Reviews

Instantly my hair was changed from thin to a thicker looking head of hair… now i don’t have to be concerned about my thinning hair while in public.


Color Used: Light Brown

“As a woman, this is embarrassing so i have been doing my best to cover it up… this is very quick and easy to use, just shake it onto your hair, then finish with your favorite hair spray.”


December 2, 2015


Color used: dark brown

“I’ve been telling my husband he has been going bald for years! Simple, quick, and fast! I recommend this for men or women who are going bald or beginning to bald.”


November 29, 2015


Color used: dark Brown

“This product is genius! it allows someone with thinning hair to appear to have a much fuller looking head of hair.”



November 27, 2015


Color used: grey

“…Works very well as described…it didn’t transfer to clothes or pillow.”



November 22, 2015

Color used: Brown

“…Let me tell you this hair fiber from strand maximizer works! Then after the full day they wash out with shampoo. That’s it, it’s quick and easy!”


-S. Ragland

November 14, 2015


Color used: Black

“I haven’t had hair in years, this stuff makes me look like i am 20 again.”


– Jackson

November 12, 2015


Color used: Blonde