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hair styling causes hair loss

Hot Iron and Curling Iron Tips and Tricks!

Can You Keep Your Hair Healthy and Stylish at the Same Time?

hair styling causes hair loss


Whether you are straight haired or goldilocks, all women have the same conflict when it comes to styling their hair. The desire to change things up with a hot iron or curling iron, but the fear of damaging the hair for good. Yet there are ways in which you can achieve the best of both worlds if you follow some basic tips.

The first thing you must remember is that your hair is made of cells, just like your skin is. The difference being that there are no nerve endings in your hair. So it will burn just like skin does, except you don’t feel a thing.

Each strand of your hair is made up of two different layers. The inner layer is made up of a water and air filled medulla. The outer is a cuticle that is meant to protect your hair. Once you start adding excessive heat to your hair, both of these layers will be affected.

The Secret to Using Hot Irons on Your Hair

Hot Irons Can Damage Hair

Like your skin, your hair is reliant on moisture to keep it healthy and beautiful. The act of applying heat with a hot iron strips that moisture and causes damage to the individual strands. Once the cuticle is too dry, it will just snap off, causing you to appear as if your hair is thinning.

With the right tools, products and timing, you can avoid this and keep your hair healthy.

A steam producing hot iron will have the least negative impact on your hair. These provide moisture as they work to style your locks in the way you want. One with a Teflon coating is also better, as the hair is less likely to stick to, and then break off, with one of these.

There are also a number of styling creams and conditioners that work as a heat protectant for your hair. Apply one of these before or after styling as per the instructions in order to help your hair retain its moisture or to add some when necessary.

Both thick and thin hair is at risk for damage from hot irons, making this is an issue for all hair types who think that the style is prettier on the other side. Thin, straight hair, is easily damaged by excessive heat due to its make up, while thick or curly haired fashionistas need to use more heat for their desired straight effect. In both cases you could be left with hair that is brittle without any natural shine. There will also be long term effects like breakage, leading to premature thinning.

Of course the best advice for using a hot iron on your hair is not to, and to learn to love the look you were born with. If that is not an option, then make sure that you are using products that aim to protect your hair as much as possible from the heat that a hot iron generates.

What About Curling Irons?  5 Mistakes You are Making When You Curl Your Hair

Curling Iron Mistakes

Only straight haired girls know the painstaking truth about curling hair: after spending hours getting it right, the curl goes limp the second you leave the house. The good news is that’s only because you’ve been doing it wrong. If you want that curl to last at least until the end of the day, you have to stop making these common mistakes:

  1. Not changing the state of your hair. Curls will not stay in straight hair unless you are going from wet to dry as you curl or from hot to cold. Going from hot to cold means using a curling iron, tongs or other heated styling tools on dry hair – never wet. The less damaging alternative is to go from wet to dry using rollers. Of course the gentler method is also the one that takes more time, but who ever said looking great was fast and easy?
  2. Using a curling iron wrong. Again, curly hair is not meant to be quick. If you do use hot tongs or a curling iron to get your curl, make sure that you pin them up to cool off before letting them loose. The curl will last longer if you let the hair get cold again before they drop.
  3. Forgetting to use to a styling product. There are special products out there designed to give straight haired girls some more volume and bounce. Even if you don’t invest in one of these products you should be at the very least using a mousse to help hold the curl, and then spraying it in place for good measure.
  4. You are taking the rollers out too soon. If you’re prepping a curl for a daytime style, then go ahead and get used to sleeping on them for the longest lasting result. However, if you are trying for a change in your nighttime look, you should make sure that you plan far enough ahead. Keeping hot rollers in place for less than an hour is just going to result in droopy locks by 7 o’clock. To make sure that they last all night long, hot rollers need to completely cool off in your hair before you can take them out.
  5. Your hair is just too thick or too long to curl. Sorry to have to break this news, but curls are just not in the stars for some straight haired girls. The only way around this will be to have your hair stylist give your hair layers to reduce the weight, or chop some off altogether. If you can’t bear the thought, you can add some texture and volume by sleeping with braids or buns in your hair. When you take them out in the morning, there will be a noticeable difference in the style of your hair. Not exactly curls, but not pin straight either.

Or you can just learn to love the hair you’re with. Remember that straight hair has its own charm that thousands of curly haired girls are vying to achieve every day too.


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